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It assures his website and the data his clients

Certificates SSL protect the personal data of their clients, including passwords, credit cards and information of identity. To obtain a certificate SSL is the form easiest to in line increase the confidence of its clients in its business.

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Why to buy a certificate SSL?

Solid as a Rock!


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Certificates SSL of Comodo provide until the coding of 128 or 256 bits for greater security of the data of the visitors of their website.


Reinforcement in
confidence of its clients


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Many clients actively look for the icon of padlock SSL before giving the sensible data. To obtain a certificate SSL to in line increase the confidence of its clients in its managed ssd vps hosting business.


The best one
positioning in CATHEDRAL


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Google gives a greater ranking to the websites assured with certificates SSL. What means that certificates SSL are critics if you are serious about his business in line.


Frequent questions


1. What is a certificate SSL?


A certificate SSL is a issued digital certificate for a Domain by a central authority called the certificate authority. In order to issue a certificate SSL, it must acquire one and soon to happen through a carried out process of verification by the certificate authority.


2. Why I have to buy a certificate SSL?


A certificate SSL makes 2 things:

a. To base the information sent from the navigator of the users of its website.

b. To authenticate the identity of its website.


When doing these 2 things, a certificate SSL protects its clients and it increases his confidence in his business as well in line. This is especially important if its website requires that the users initiate session using passwords or introducing confidential information, as data of the credit card.


3. Do certificates SSL work in all the navigators?


Certificates SSL are compatible with all the main navigators.


4. I can update/to migrate my certificate SSL?


Unfortunately, we did not support updates/degradation at the moment. If it is necessary, it can buy a new certificate and install it in the same Web server as the old certificate.


5. I need technical knowledge to create a certificate SSL in my website?


It is not necessary since ProLinuxWebhosting will give their installed certificate to him, as long as she is our client of dedicated server hosting and Domain. You will have to adapt his website of http:// to https:// (We will guide it)


Certificates SSL
in Guayaquil

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Certificates SSL


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