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SiteLock - Detector of Malware is a protection of high quality!

automatically the attacks


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SiteLock monitors its website 24x7 in search of vulnerabilities and attacks, which means that it can worry less about his website and more about its business.


the Confidence of the Clients


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More than 70% the clients look for a security signal before providing personal information in line. Sello de Confianza SiteLock not only re-guarantees the clients but also it increases the sales.


to work immediately


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You do not need technical knowledge to install and to form SiteLock for his website. SiteLock is based on the cloud and begins I scan right away of its website and e-mail.


How work does SiteLock?


It scans on a daily basis
all their information


SiteLock shows each aspect of its presence in the Web on a daily basis to identify the security breaches. Not only it verifies his website, e-mail and applications, but also it looks for in the black lists of motor and filters of Spam.


It analyzes and It verifies










It identifies
all the threats


The exploration of 360 degrees of powerful SiteLock and firewall identifies vulnerabilities outposts before they can be exploded to damage his presence in the Web, putting therefore a passage in front of the hackers, always!



Top of Threats










It notifies and corrije
very instantaneously


SiteLock not only identifies the threats, but also it corrects them automatically. This way, SiteLock works in background to protect its website, which is important as usual for you and its clients.



It learns As


It analyzes and It verifies


Archives of the Website


SiteLock uses scanners FTP of outside inwards and of inside towards outside showing all archives daily and identifying the failures of security or injections of malware. Not only it identifies the threats, but also it fixes them immediately before they can damage his presence in the Web.













SiteLock will verify if their website or the servers is sending or making reference to Spam messages. If you have been catched by the Spam filters, many programs of e-mail will ignore Email sent from their site, which means that you will not be able to reach his clients.














SiteLock scans all the applications as blogs, carts of purchase, etc for the known vulnerabilities, that the hackers are useful to attack their website. SiteLock will alert to him of these lagoons and it will inform to him into the improvements to assure that its software of security is being executed in its site.




Traffic of Visitors


TrueShield Firewall de SiteLock creates a field of force around its website and uses a global network to identify malicious traffic, attacks of malicious block of bots and to protect its content of “being scraped?, while it guarantees the accessibility of web search engines.











The changes to the archives


With the deep explorations of FTP SiteLock, it will be let know to him immediately of any change that has become to its archives, so that it can be abreast of all the activity that happens in its website and to identify editions nonauthorized before they cause damages.












The black lists of web search engines


SiteLock supervises the black lists of the web search engines and verifies its own data base of 7,000 pages of malware, to make sure that its site is not related to them or in the black list. This way, SiteLock helps to protect and to harness its organic positioning and the traffic.



Top of Threats


Injections of SQL (SQL-I)


The hackers can obtain access to their data base and rob information of the clients, including email addresses, passwords, data of credit cards, etc by means of the insertion of commandos SQL in the forms of entrance of their website and codes that you do not have the intention to insert.











Remote File Includes (RFI)


The attackers load a customized code or malicious file in a website or servant by means of script. The vulnerability operates the poor controls of validation in the websites and with time it can bring about the execution of a code nonwished in the servant or website.












Cross Scripting (XSS)


The XSS faults happen due to an incorrect validation. The common attackers take advantage of scripts as Javascript and HTML and execute a code in the navigator of the victim who can kidnap user sessions, destroy sites, or redirigir to the user to malicious sites.




Authentication and Management of Broken Sessions


Often, the functions of the application related to the authentication and management of sessions are not implemented correctly, allowing the hackers to rob passwords, keys, tokens, or to operate other faults of implementation to assume the identity of the users.











Cross Request Forgery (CSRF)


This attack forces to the finder of the victim to send falsified requests HTTP, including the cookie of session and another information of authentication to an application vulnerable Web. This would allow the pirates to force the navigator of the victim to make requests that deceive the application, until making think it that they are legitimate.












NonValid redirections and Destinies.


Due to the incorrect validation, websites usually redirigir to the users to other pages using nonreliable data to determine the destiny. This allows the attackers to redirigir to the victims to phishing or sites of malware, or towards pages nonauthorized.



It learns as


It notifies right away


When detecting a vulnerability or the presence of malicious code in its website, SiteLock right away notifies to him through:







It corrects right away


In addition to identifying malware, SiteLock is an intelligent tool that can be fixed automatically.


Tool of SMART:


  • It carries out deep explorations of FTP for his archives
  • It identifies lagoons or vulnerabilities in his code
  • It detects malicious codes
  • It eliminates the malicious codes and its site is cleaned



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SiteLock in Guayaquil linux.

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