What is Monthly Transference?

What is Monthly Transference?


The monthly transference is the amount of Megabyte that the users use from their website when entering them and to visit their inner pages, all our plans of hosting include an amount in GB destined to monthly transference and if its website surpassed the limit of its plan, this it will not be until the quota of the following month is qualified. Will not be suspended to the Email nor access accounts of FTP.


If you were thinking about realising an advertising campaign in which is had planned to increase the number from visits to its website of considerable way, the consumption of its amount of monthly tranferencia must check from the Control Panel of its hosting.


If it considered it necessary can ask for us that the monthly transference of their website is extended to avoid disadvantages to the users.


One of the advantages of which it maintains its service of hosting with ProLinuxWebhosting hosting is that our plans have excellent spaces of Bandwidth and that very hardly they can be consumed in a rate of normal use.

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