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The Economic System of Electronic Invoicing

It generates invoices, retentions and notes of credit easily.

Ideal service for natural people forced or not forced a
to take accounting, SMEs, small companies, great medians and.

It does not need installation, nor it has a cost on that heading.
It will be able to invoice from any location, computer or movable device.
Unlimited products and clients!
Retentions and Unlimited notes of credit!
FREE! Module to generate information of sales!

Plans of Invoicing












Characteristics of the System of Electronic Invoicing

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System In line


It does not need installation. You will be able to enter using Internet from any location, computer or movable device.

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Validated with the SRI


The system works with its electronic signature and it connects itself with the SRI to validate documents and to emit them.


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It will have customized support via telephone email and by specialized technicians.



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Data base


Their clients, products, sales and documents will be safe in a data base endorsed daily.

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Customized logo


Their documents will give in format pdf with their data and customized logo improving their enterprise image.


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We are permanently updating the system with the legal dispositions of the SRI for its comfort.


It knows the Benefits to use our System of Electronic Invoicing


It saves Time and Money


Ask yourself how long wastes moving to a place to give an invoice or whatever spends having to mobilize to somebody to do it by you. With our system of electronic invoicing it will be able to occupy his time and resources in more profitable things.











More Productivity


Its countable personnel will not lose time filling the invoices, scanning and sending by email to the client, filing, etc. You will be able to store in our system to his clients and their products to issue his documents quickly.











He improves his Enterprise Image


He improves his enterprise image with an innovating system and of vanguard, giving an up-to-date, fast, safe service and that he offers facilities you and to its clients.


Panoramic of the System of Electronic Invoicing



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System of Electronic Invoicing in Guayaquil

The ECONOMIC System of Electronic Invoicing of linux

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