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CodeGuard maintains calm all the year to you!

Automatic backup copies


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CodeGuard works behind the scenes. What means that can ignite it and sit down while CodeGuard regularly takes backup copies from its data.

Configuration without complications


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Since CodeGuard is based on the cloud, its beginning is very easy - it only must add to his website the connection details to initiate the backup copy process.


30 days return guarantee


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It proves CodeGuard and it sees the easy thing that it is to assure his website. With our period of return of 30 days, it does not have anything to lose.



How work does CodeGuard?


It connects
its website


MySQL information connects its website to CodeGuard using SFTP/. Once connected, an initial backup copy will begin automatically.










It receives updates
of security periodic


CodeGuard monitors archives automatically and Databases of their website for the changes, realise backup copies and it notifies to him by email electronic.










To recover
from any point


To recover archives and data base from its website to any previous backup copy version by means of the unloading of a file zip, realising an automatic restoration or restoration of individual archives.



It knows more


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CodeGuard in Guayaquil linux.

IT WORKS CALM! Your Website website in the safest servers.

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